Technology is redefining how, when and where people eat every day in the UAE. Food outlets are using technology to improve business operations, create stronger customer engagement and hike revenues.


Tap an Order

Consumers are becoming more tech-savvy so digital kiosks for ordering and payments are being seen in multiple F&B outlets across the UAE, from franchises to startups. They reduce queues, eliminate errors and improve the efficiency of businesses all round.


Apps Galore

Long gone are the days of waiting to be put through to the reservation line of a restaurant. [bctt tweet=”Reservations apps are penetrating distinctly within fine-dining and future predictions are showing that these types of apps will start to operate within their niche market.” username=”foodics”]


At your Door

[bctt tweet=”According to the 2017 KMPG F&B report, UAE food operators are reporting 40% of orders are now made for delivery through mobile devices. ” username=”foodics”]Some food operators are creating shared remote kitchens in Dubai for delivery-only basis, which plays well for outlets to cut on rentals.


Picture Perfect

More customer are choosing to find a place to eat through the instagrammable moments food outlets are promoting. [bctt tweet=”61% of customers seek reviews when choosing to dine out.” username=”foodics”] Although the number one way is through word of mouth, Dubai is the fourth most hashtagged city in the world and 50% of businesses have signed up for an Instagram account.


Know Your Customers

Data on customer behaviour is being recorded across the spectrum in an effort to gather analytics on menu and cuisine preferences, campaign success, and repeat orders. Operators are using big data to set themselves apart from stiff competition by giving customers exactly what they want, when they want it.


Virtual There

There are some food operators ahead of the game in Dubai who are using virtual reality to upgrade customer experience. [bctt tweet=”Diners can now see 3D projections on their tables of the chef preparing the dish in the kitchen.” username=”foodics”]