Although you may not have a large, spacious coffee shop and a globally-known brand, it doesn’t mean you should close down your café and find a way to invest in one of the popular brands. With the right business plan and strategy, you can run a successful coffee bar — one that will be profitable and capable of keeping up with the big-name coffee chains.

One of the best tactics you can try is investing in a top-rated coffee shop POS system. This type of program handles the entire ordering, billing, and payment process. It can also be used to facilitate the faster and efficient preparation of orders.

A good POS system will also include various backend management features like inventory, sales analysis, scheduling, and payroll. Using only one system, you will be able to manage all aspects of your coffee shop more efficiently.

The Benefits of Having a Coffee Shop POS

If you need more specific reasons to invest in a POS system for your café, here are seven that will push you in the right direction:

1. Improved order management and service

A small coffee shop typically means fewer employees. The low number of workers often translates to slow and, sometimes, inefficient service.

A POS system can turn things around in terms of order management and service. Using a touchscreen monitor, your cashier can ring up a customer order and process the payment or save the ticket.
Using a separate monitor, the barista can look at the ticket and prepare the beverage and additional orders, if any.

Aside from providing an efficient way of receiving and processing orders, a POS system eliminates the need for using pen and paper, thereby reducing waste and the likelihood of serving incorrect customer orders.

2. Better customization of beverages

More and more customers are now ordering customized drinks. They want soya or low-fat milk instead of cream, less syrup in the beverage, or an additional shot of espresso.
Your coffee shop needs to keep up with this trend, as it has been around for a long time.

A POS system will ensure your customers get the beverage they want the way they like it. A few simple taps will allow your cashier to customize their drinks.

With easy-to-read details or instructions, the barista can prepare the beverage exactly as the customer ordered it. There will be no room for mistakes which means you will always satisfy your patrons and even avoid ingredient waste.

3. Efficient implementation of rewarding and unique customer experiences

Aside from providing customized drinks to all customers, your POS software will enable you to know your loyal patrons. It will save their regular orders and other pertinent information that will allow you to create customer profiles.

You can then use these customer profiles to prepare the beverage your regular patrons order or suggest menu items that fit into their preferences. By doing so, you will build a stronger relationship with them, and they will always love coming back to your shop.

Moreover, your system can help you create a loyalty or rewards program that will encourage your customers to come back as well.

With personalized services and an exciting loyalty or rewards program, your customers will have no reason to try other coffee shops anymore.

4. Enhanced inventory management

Running out of freshly-ground coffee beans, syrups, cream, and pastries are big no-no’s when you have a coffee shop. If you run out of supplies, this means you will miss out on sales.
You may even lose out on future business if you have the reputation of always running out of ingredients to brew or make your beverages.

Using a POS system, you can stay on top of your inventory. You can easily keep an eye on your supplies so that you will know what and when to order. This will ensure you will never run out of ingredients and will always serve your customers their orders.

Additionally, the right software will help prevent theft and pilferage of supplies. It can also reduce food waste since you will avoid overstocking products and ingredients that are not used often and have short expiration dates.

5. Better sales tracking

Staying on top of your sales can be a time-consuming task. However, you can monitor all the money that comes in and goes out easily and quickly with a POS system.

This software records all transactions that happen in your coffee shop. If you want to review the sales of the day or for the whole week, you simply pull out the data. You will then know how much money you made or spent on supplies.

You can also use the data from your system to know which products are performing well and which ones are not. You can then decide to pull out or replace these menu items, especially if you are losing a lot of money on them.

More importantly, with a POS program, you can produce print outs of your sales data when you need to submit them to your investors or to include in your year-end reports.

6. Streamlined employee scheduling, timekeeping, and payroll processes

Finally, you can do away with manually making schedules and computing the payroll of your employees once you have a POS system.

If your software has employee timesheet management features, your staff can use the software to clock in and out. The system will then calculate their total hours when it’s time to prepare the payroll.

Additionally, the system can give you information on the workload per hour which will allow you to create better work schedules.

You can also track all employees’ sales performance and make informed business decisions based on this.


With a POS system, you will have a more competitive coffee shop. You will also run your business and manage your employees more efficiently. It is a complete tool that will help you in more ways than one.

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