In addition to knowing the best ingredients to use for their yummy creations, bakers who plan to turn their hobby into a viable source of income must also understand the management side of a bakery business. One of the basic tools that can help them reach their goals is a point-of-sale or POS system.

As with baking cakes and pastries, having the right “ingredients” for all aspects of the food service business is crucial for success. To start, you have to make sure that you have good POS software for your bakery.

Not sure what to look for in a point-of-sale system for your bakery? Here are six essential features that an efficient bakery POS software must have:

1. Custom Order Management

Using POS software, the kitchen can automatically get updates on orders as soon as they are taken at the point of sale.
For many bakeries, customization is vital. Most customers require unique cakes for special occasions. Luckily, modern POS systems can effectively accommodate custom orders.

A good POS system should include a catalog of highly customizable cake designs and allow customers to personalize these the way they want. This can range from choosing a unique design to adding toppings and messages.

Below are the key capabilities that a custom-order bakery POS system should provide:

  • Reducing errors in order-taking that are common in hand-written orders
  • Adding special instructions like recipe modifications (e.g., omitting specific ingredients that may trigger allergies) to orders.
  • Integrating work orders with the production system for ease of operations
  • Monitoring deposits and other forms of initial payments for orders
  • Instantly applying discounts and other special promotions during the pricing of custom orders

2. Mobile POS Capability

Mobile POS systems are all the rage in food service, and bakeries shouldn’t miss out on these. With mobility and convenience as some of the best perks, POS systems that work even without a wired connection foster flexibility in order management.

Plus, having the system in place is advantageous for establishments that need to open a new line to the cashier during the morning rush. After all, all you need are a tablet and the POS system app, and you’re good to go.

3. Online Order-Taking

Aside from taking orders using mobile devices, modern POS systems are now capable of accepting orders over the Internet. Since the system provides ease and convenience that many businesses seek, your bakery can reach more customers beyond the usual foot traffic the shop gets. The more orders you get, the greater your revenue becomes.

What’s more, having your own online ordering platform eliminates the need to pay commissions to food aggregators. The best part is that this also allows you to build your online presence and, ultimately, establish a better reputation for your brand.

4. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is at the core of any food service establishment’s operations. For bakeries, having a working CRM capabilities integrated into the POS system will ensure ease of service delivery.

Aside from that, the collected data can also be stored for future campaigns. This means you can instantly reach out to customers through text and emails, and entice them to regularly order desserts from your bakery.

5. Employee Management

Since pastries and cakes are ever-present on everyone’s dinner tables during the holidays, these times are considered the peak season for bakeries. But what if your pastry chef decides to go on holiday for a month and you totally forgot about it? Who will attend to the mountain of orders your bakery receives during the busy season?

With employee management tools incorporated in the POS system, you should be able to monitor shifts, manage payroll, and stay on top of all functions related to your employees. It is also useful in preparing for high-volume orders ahead, even with some members of your kitchen staff on leave. And since the system maintains a record of everything, there will be a lot less miscommunication within your team.

6. Finance and Sales Reporting and Business Analysis

Did you know how much your bakery earned in the past month? Do you have any idea which products sell well and which ones don’t?

Bakery staff need to have a complete set of data related to sales, popular products, and peak days. This way, they can adjust their production according to what’s selling and deliver such products at the most opportune times when customers are more likely to ask for them. Although this information can be stored in your memory if you have a small bakeshop, you may require a solid database once your business starts to grow.

An efficient POS system also allows bakery owners to monitor sales and financial reports in a single software. This will make tracking each sale, managing inventory, and knowing when to purchase additional stocks easier to do.

Get Off to a Sweet Start with a Reliable Bakery POS System

POS systems are the backbone of any retail business, and bakeries are no exception. Make sure you get a sweet beginning for your bakery by choosing the best food service POS software for your business. Here at Foodics, satisfaction is what we deliver, so get in touch with us today.