[bctt tweet=”Millennials are now dining out much more than any other age category in the GCC, representing 78% according to Euromonitor” username=”foodics”], and with 71% spending the same amount or more per meal in comparison to 2017, they should be the focus customers of your restaurant.

21-40-year-olds are using dining out as a badge to define themselves; they need to be seen in the latest hotspots and the most popular eateries to brag to their friends. Here’s what you can do to get your restaurant on the millennial’s list.


Instagramable Presentation

Before tucking into their meal, millennials will snap a photo of their dish to share with friends. [bctt tweet=”A study by KPMG revealed that two-thirds of the GCC diners now choose their restaurants through social media” username=”foodics”]. That’s why it is important that the presentation of your food is creative, neat and colourful. That way you can also boost your own social media presence with beautiful and trendy presentations of your dishes on Instagram. Don’t forget the hashtags too, according to recent findings by marketing firm, Hashtag the World, [bctt tweet=”#Dubai is now the 4th most hashtagged city in the world on Instagram, with more than 59 million posts in 2017.” username=”foodics”]


Honest Reviews

Add your business on Zomato so that people can review it. Zomato also offer a check-in option so that customers can check-in on social media to let their followers know where they are dining. You can reward customers who check-in with discounts and special deals to keep them coming back and to bring in more customers.


Online in Every way

Offer your customers WiFi access. It will secure their stay at your restaurant for longer, and give them more of a chance to purchase more food. Take it a step further and offer charging stations for their mobile phones.


Online Delivery

[bctt tweet=”According to KPMG 40% of GCC customers choose to buy meals through their device.” username=”foodics”] Make sure your restaurant is registered at as many online ordering platforms, or even better have the option on your website. Take it a step further by creating a dedicated app that helps customers easily order their meals.



Be Woke

Millennials are conscious of the world they are living in and many have causes that are dear to them. Show that your restaurant cares about the earth we live in by donating food to the needy or those affecting by war, use recyclable containers, organize events on women, children, disabilities, education or the arts.


The Health Movement

Millennials care about their health much more than other generations, especially as there are more vegetarians, vegans and gym goers today more than ever. Include quick and healthy dishes or healthy alternatives to your meals to show you are staying on trend.


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