Foodics hosted a workshop along with as a two-day training course held at Badir incubator. Foodics is the first Saudi company to implement the OKR’s strategy into their operations. The workshop raveled out the structure of OKR’s to Foodics employees and helped them achieve the OKR’s strategies for each department to further their success as a company. Foodics is leading the evolution and growth in the cloud-based POS industry. Foodics is always looking for ways to innovate and grow. And for that reason, they implemented the OKR’s strategies into their work. 

OKR’s stands for Objectives and Key Results; it’s a framework that defines objectives and tracks outcomes. They are meant to set and communicate strategies and goals for a specific period of time for an organization. At the end of the time period, OKR provides us a mechanism to evaluate how well the objectives have been executed. This feedback helps us to plan better moving forward. The primary goal is to connect the company’s intentions to measurable results. Key results are almost always defined with numbers to allow us to measure success.