The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going through an exceptional phase aimed at transforming the Kingdom into a well-known tourist destination, having a substantial impact on the prosperity of the Kingdom in all aspects, especially economics and investments. The success of previous seasons starting from Sharqiah to Souda Season majorly helped in the growth of enterprises and brands in many sectors, especially the Food Beverage Sector.

Everybody is patiently waiting for the high upcoming season, which will set new standards for success. Yes, that’s right! Our up-coming season is Riyadh Season, a well-organized season that is full of surprises. All these preparations give this season an exceptional opportunity to grow businesses and brands to launch them on a global scale. For example, if Jeddah Season provided +10,000 job opportunities and presented +1,000 events with a total of +4,000 hours of entertainment, imagine what Riyadh Season will show then!

The most important question over here is Why should projects and brands seize Riyadh
Season to promote itself? Allow us to answer that for you.