Becoming a fully-fledged restaurateur takes a lot more than creating a tantalizing menu. With endless dining options popping up, competition is fierce.

The design and concept of your restaurant plays an equal part in attracting and keeping customers. That’s why you need to stay ahead of the latest restaurant design trends to craft a gastronomic experience to remember. Find inspiration with these restaurant interior design ideas.


The Industrial Space

Think exposed beams and pipes on the ceiling and letting go of overpopulating wall fixtures. The idea of creating open and large areas for diners isn’t a new concept but its 2018 comeback will have a new twist. Whereas the stripped back look was formally associated with the ‘Shabby Chic’ phenomenon, 2018 has seen it adopt a more sleek and minimalist trend. As a result, your restaurant space is able to shift its focus on offering a laidback setting for any restaurant type.


Minimalism Means Less is More

The latest trendy restaurant design is going further than showing off the inner structure of your ceilings. Designs taking centre stage are focusing on eliminating any unnecessary distracting décor. [bctt tweet=”Minimalism is becoming a lifestyle trend adopted by many conscious millennials and restaurants are observing the change in attitudes.” username=”foodics”] Peel back to basics and create a vibe that’s geared towards serenity.


Community Engagement

Restaurants are not just places you quietly eat at in the corner. [bctt tweet=”The ‘Foodie’ trend has sparked a design concept for restaurants to bring diners together and share their love of food. Many restaurants are now building shared tables and seating areas where people can experience a social atmosphere.” username=”foodics”]


Your Local Joint

[bctt tweet=”Whether it’s art by local artists, furniture and materials made inland, or locally sourced ingredients, restaurants are taking pride in their location and supporting its locals.” username=”foodics”] What’s more, you’ll cut down on shipping costs, reduce your carbon footprint and add a sprinkle of nationalism to your eatery. Décor is spreading it’s wings in familiar territories and diners are eating it right up.


Recycled Glam

Sustainability is nothing new as people have been implementing it into their homes for a few years. Restaurants are taking it one step further by setting themselves apart from others and promoting their green uniqueness. And it’s as easy as reusing parts of objects somewhere else. Think spare car or train parts as tabletops, lamps or napkin holders, and even recycled paper for the napkins. Let your recycling imagination run wild but keep it in line with your restaurant theme.

Vintage Mania

Classic looks never go out of style and the charm of vintage designs from every decade is setting restaurant themes in 2018. Retro furnishings from the 1950s have adorned American style diners for some time but now other types of restaurants are going back in time too. From 1970s wallpaper to the art deco chairs of the 1920s, remembering the past is now one of the latest trends of today.

Keep it Cozy

Having a cosy atmosphere is bound to keep customers staying longer and eating more. [bctt tweet=”The cozy restaurant concept originated in Norway and Denmark under the name Hygge in the early 20th century, which translates to the feeling of comfort and warmth. ” username=”foodics”]If you are opting for this look, imagine warm colours like browns and creams with soft lighting or a place of complete relaxation that resembles your ideal front room.


Plant it Green

[bctt tweet=”Interior landscaping is having a big moment in 2018. Plants create a fresh and natural atmosphere that promotes calmness. ” username=”foodics”]Even if you have a smaller restaurant living plant walls can transform a lifeless space. Having green coloured furniture or glassware in your restaurant is making waves too. This can be accomplished with green glassware or touches of green in your décor. But green as we know is far more than a colour.


Instagrammable Décor

Whether they are tourists or locals, restaurant goers will most likely snap a photo of the dish they are served before tucking in. Take it a step further for them and get your restaurant interior on their Instagram feed. [bctt tweet=”Decorating with social media in mind will help your restaurant promote itself.” username=”foodics”] Think of unique wall fittings, artistic typography, or photographs of celebrities to entice your customers to turn on the flash.


Get Personal

Want customers to know your journey into restaurateur and what inspires you? Express yourself by adding personal touches to your eatery. Think about displaying cookbooks or books that represent the philosophy of your business. Family photographs or other images that show your road to having your own business will also work as part of personal décor that will make a connection with your customers.