Now that you have crucial data for your restaurant you need to know how to make the most of it for the best decisions. Restaurant data is now seen as a currency for restaurant owners according to Forbes, so it’s important that you take full advantage of the data you get from every corner of your business.

The Foodics POS lets you strip every layer of your restaurant like an onion, all with a touch of a screen. You can track sales, monitor staff performance, uncover customer behaviour, and stay updated on your inventory, so that your next move is data-driven.

Customer Behaviour Data

It’s competitive out there and knowing your customers’ dining habits and creating repeat visits will be the backbone of growing your business, whether you have a food truck or a fine-dine hot spot. Leverage the power of Big Data that gathers every aspect of your customers’ behaviour.


When transactions record and store what customers are purchasing, you’ll be able to surprise them by knowing their orders in advance. They’ll feel comfortable knowing they can count on you to remember not only their past orders, but also their allergies, their proportion sizes, extra toppings and preferred seating area.

Special Deals

Once you’ve gaged in enough customers you’ll want to reward them for their loyalty. Think of it as a way to keep them coming back and the possibility of them recommending your business for the great deals on offer. [bctt tweet=”Nothing beats word of mouth, after all.” username=”foodics”] Open up that Dashboard and see when footfall is at its highest and lowest. [bctt tweet=”Keeping the doors swinging is your aim, so when customers are low you can prioritize deals that will get customers to bring along their friends.” username=”foodics”] And even if footfall is high you can offer upsell deals that show value for money.

Sales Tracking Data

Taking advantage of your sales data has never been easier nowadays, and it is a task that an owner or manager will find themselves glued to for a large portion of any day. [bctt tweet=”Remember that having a cloud-based POS will give you the freedom to check your sales wherever you are, so now you can practically be at two places, or more, at once.” username=”foodics”]

Selling Strategies

Sales data helps figure out your revenues, gross margins and total sales, all in real-time, for you to be better prepared for the future. You’ll see where more attention is needed and which items need to be cut out through your average sale transactions.

Compare It

Make comparisons against various days, times of the month, branches and monitor how well each staff member is selling. That’s going to help in understanding where you need to change strategies, upsell items, offer item mixes, special deals or provide some extra staff training.


Inventory Data

Keeping stocked up keeps you in the good books of customers because they’ll never hear that you’re out of their favourite menu item. With inventory management data you can be rest assured that human error will never come in to play so you won’t lose any money.

Stay Notified

There’s no need to keep opening up the fridge room to check stocks anymore and recount your ingredients for the fear of running low. [bctt tweet=”Put your mind at rest and let the real-time data alert you when you’re about to run out on any ingredient or item. ” username=”foodics”]If you’re seeing one item going fast, you’ll know how to adjust your future purchase order. When other items are staying put, it might be time to 86 them.

Seasonal Customisations

[bctt tweet=”When the holiday seasons kick-in restauranteurs put their promotional hats on and inventory management will be their guide. ” username=”foodics”]Track changes that are occurring during the holiday seasons or even from summer to spring to know what you need to stock up on and change in purchasing levels. Your business will never be a food waster again.

Employee Data

One of the main concerns of any manager is tracking their staff is working efficiently and on time. Employee data reveals how each employee is performing and helps you avoid being over and under staffed.

Clock in, Clock out

With an employee timesheet you can track how well the dinner rush is being managed and how many employees you’ll need at specified times. You can maximise the running of your restaurant by generating daily attendance and timing reports to allocate the right number of staff by branch, date and shift durations.

Avoid Delays and Errors

Order mistakes and delays can decrease efficiency in the kitchen and turn customers inpatient. If you choose the Kitchen Display System orders can be sent straight to the kitchen and customers can customise their order even after it’s placed, giving diners plenty of choice and a convenient service. You can also monitor preparation times, with instant notifications and warnings of any delays. That way you can examine the reasons behind the delays and make the needed changes.


Trust in data and you’re ready to turn your restaurant into an unbeatable success. Discover how Foodics’ comprehensive reports offer greater ease and accuracy to empower your business today