Having enough supplies in your pantry and freezer should always be a priority if you are running a food business. Whether you own a fine dining restaurant, pizzeria, café, bakeshop, or a fast-food chain, running out of ingredients and food to serve is something that you should never experience.

If you already have a restaurant inventory software program, you have made a wise business move in investing in this solution.

Having a restaurant inventory management system is the best precautionary measure to take to avoid various supply-related problems. This platform can help you keep track of all products and raw ingredients you currently have and need to order.

By using this single platform, you can streamline and handle the various processes involved in managing your restaurant inventory more efficiently.

Keeping up with the times

In the past, restaurant inventory management systems were once considered a luxury instead of a necessity. If you’ve had your software for years, one of your main reasons for getting it back then may have been to keep up with the competition. Because of this reason, you may not have given enough thought to choosing the ideal platform for your business.

Failing to select the most suitable software for your particular restaurant can have more undesirable consequences than you may expect. Continuing to use a dated system even when you are already experiencing problems with it is another mistake that may have more dire repercussions on your business.

Knowing the signs that you have to upgrade your restaurant inventory management software can help bolster your operations effectively. More importantly, you will avoid a lot of hassles that can cause you headaches and, possibly, loss of income.

If you have been putting off upgrading or replacing your old software, take note of these five signs, heed the warnings and make a change now:

1. You frequently run out of ingredients

Regardless of what the numbers say, if you are still constantly running out of supplies to make your dishes, it means your inventory management software is not dependable anymore.

Keep in mind that all types of software need to be updated regularly to continue running efficiently and correctly. If your program has not undergone any updates in the past several years, your system may already be faulty.

Additionally, your old software may not have the advanced features that newer ones have that allow restaurant owners to keep track of their inventory more efficiently. An example of this feature is real-time alerts whenever a particular ingredient reaches a re-order level.

This feature will alert you when an ingredient is low, not when your pantry or containers are already empty. Once you receive this notification, you will still have plenty of time to replenish your stock.

This handy feature will save your restaurant from running out on any ingredient unexpectedly, failing to serve your dishes, and disappointing your customers.

2. You always have an oversupply of ingredients

Although having plenty of supplies is better than running out of these, having a constant excess of ingredients can lead to food waste and loss of money.

Modern restaurant inventory management systems are equipped with functions and features that allow you to identify and track trends in your most popular menu items and your rate of ingredient use.

Because of this, the likelihood that you will order supplies that you won’t use and have short expiration dates will be lower. As a result, you will avoid throwing out these unused ingredients and losing money on them.

Additionally, you can use a modern inventory management system to review your menu items and make adjustments to your recipes. This can help your restaurant minimize food waste even more.

And since you can easily review which of your dishes are popular and which are not, you can decide whether to get rid of some items or replace these. Either way, by removing the offerings that customers do not order, you will save money on your supplies and avoid wasting these, too.

3. You are having difficulty keeping track of your beginning and closing inventory

The starting and closing inventory report is one of the most useful documents you should always have access to. It can help you track any loopholes that may be present in your restaurant inventory system.

By comparing this report with the total item wise-sales generated during a particular day, you can easily check if there is any misappropriation happening in your restaurant.

If your current software does not provide you with the daily beginning and closing inventory, find out if you can update it to include this feature. If not, you may have to consider replacing your system with a new, more advanced one.

4. You can’t use your software to generate or view item-wise consumption reports

Item-wise consumption reports are customized statements that record all the purchase order receipts and internal usage of supplies daily. When these are compared with the beginning and closing inventory constantly, you will have an effective restaurant employee theft prevention measure in place.

Keeping track of your inventory daily is an efficient theft deterrent strategy. By looking at these reports alone, you will know which items you keep running out of without any good reason – a sign that there is pilferage happening in your restaurant.

If your current system does not provide you with daily item-wise consumption reports, you may be putting your restaurant’s success at stake.

5. You spend a lot of time on ordering supplies

Lastly, time is one thing that you need to have plenty of when you are running a restaurant. If you want to help with expediting orders or review the reports thoroughly, wasting an hour or so to order an ingredient is definitely time not well-spent.

If your software does not have any supplies ordering capabilities and you are wasting time on ordering your ingredients, you need to upgrade it now.

New restaurant inventory management platforms allow users to use ready templates or create customized ones for ordering from suppliers. Additionally, with the right system, you will be able to order from multiple suppliers at once instead of sending different ones to various dealers.

With this feature, you can save more time and avoid errors in your orders, as well.


If you are already seeing these signs or issues happening in your restaurant, take the hint: upgrade your restaurant inventory management system now.

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