Discover the features of the new Foodics F5 Upgrade


Enhanced UX/UI

Ultimate user friendliness, that gives your team members and customers a better experience ordering, checking-out, and connecting with your brand.

Insights & Reports

Make well-informed business decisions, get more than 300 reports in a few seconds tailored to your needs like:

- Peak times

- Top ordered items

- Top loyal customers

And many others



Advanced Inventory Management

Keep your shelves stocked. Always know what you have and what you need.

  • -Create and track purchase orders

  • -Low inventory alerts

  • -Track your fastest and slowest moving items

  • -Track expiries and waste

  • -Link products to suppliers and replenish your stock automatically



Engage With Your Customers

Built-in loyalty program allows you to build a strong relationship with your customers. Reward them with loyalty points and tailored promotions.



Promotion Management

Promotions are happiness. Create promotions and drive footfall to your store.

- Create discounts

- Make offers based on timed events

- Create combo meal offers

- Create your own coupons and accept external ones



Gift Cards

Generate instant cash: Sell now, serve later.


Call Center Capabilities

Utilize the call center app and offer convenience and accessibility to your customers.

Foodics Pay

A payment solution integrated with your POS

— accept credit cards and digital payments

— single invoice

— Claims, disputes, and chargebacks support

— daily settlements (terms and conditions apply)

—  eliminate entry error at the checkout, and digitalize your end-of-day reconciliations

3rd Party App Marketplace

Borden your resources.
Connect with more than 140 apps to complement.
Your services and enhance your customer experience.

Upgrade Your Account To The New Foodics Version F5 Within Minutes

  • Step 1:
  • ‏Upgrade the console.
  • Click here » to watch the video and see the steps, Click here » to learn more
  • Step 2:
  • ‏Download the new Cashier App
  • ‏Enjoy a whole new experience with the Foodics F5 upgrade and get in touch with our Customer Happiness team for further support.