Foodics Egypt’s first team building event

“There is no difference between a Riyadh employee, Egypt employee, or Dubai employee…we are all part of the Foodics family, equally appreciated, thought of, and cared for no matter where you are”. This statement by Khalid AlZaini set the tone for his visit to Egypt and the team event held at the Radisson Blu in Cairo.

As part of the People Operations and Compliance, and Organizational Development Departments’ commitment to the development and success of the Egypt Office, the Head of People Operations, met with the Foodics Egypt team, which has now reached 25 employees and is expected to reach 40 employees by the end of 2021. The visit’s main goals were to expedite overcoming several challenges faced by Egypt’s team, ensure alignment with company goals and dedicate time for team networking.

The event and subsequent dinner allowed the team to share achievements, resolve inquiries and learn about new decisions. Some of the major topics discussed were:

  • What a start-up is and why Foodics is special.
  • Why Foodics’ expansion to Egypt is of utmost importance to the board of directors and investors.
  • Development plan for Egypt in 2021.
  • Announcing HR plans for Egypt December (employee contracts, social insurance, furnishing the office and providing stable internet connection).

During dinner, the team enjoyed socializing and getting to know each other on a personal level. And to ensure continued success in Egypt, the People Operations and Compliance team have committed to monthly visits to the Cairo office. Hopefully, that will mean the other offices will get some delicious Egyptian Basbousa soon 🙂

Enjoy watching footage from the event..