360 Degree Digital Grocery Eco-System

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Foodics Grocery Eco-System

Foodics provides a comprehensive Grocery Business Management experience providing what matters to empower and ease the daily operations requirements of any grocery store.

On User friendliness, Foodics system provides all the needed features to operate a store smoothly.

Cloud Tech ECR

iPads, cashdrawer, customer display, Printer, Gun Scanner, e-Scale (optional) and mPos device

Inventory Management

Powerful Inventory capabilities to:
  • Track Sales
  • Demand Planning
  • Real-time Stock Monitoring
  • Automating Ordering for Replenishment

More than 10'000 SKU’s (common items) already uploaded in the system to assure minimal configuration, quick onboarding & go-live.

Access to Supply Chain Vendors

Foodics is integrated with 3rd party services to complete the supply chain business cycle of any grocery store.

Supplier merchandise delivery (Ordering through pre-set suppliers “Moonah”)

Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards and Digital Wallets

  • Empowering Loyalty to retain customers
  • Accept payments with partner digital wallets such as STCpay, Halalah, and others
  • Empowering house accounts to enable loyal and regular customers buy in Pre-paid or post-credit with credit limits

eCommerce Capabilities

Foodics empower its grocery businesses to operate their online store utilizing the best technology in place

  • Ready online store (website)
  • Online payment gateway to process online payments
  • Ordering capabilities and delivery solutions to complete the full business cycle

Store to Consumer Delivery

Foodics is integrated with 3rd party services to deliver orders from merchants to end consumers.

Store Delivery Capabilities

Merchants will be able to run their own delivery operations through the delivery call center App in Foodics.

Micro Financing

Partnering with leader financing entities like Maalem, Foodics will be empowering business owners in obtaining financial facilities like LC's and micro loans to help them grow their business with minimum concern and best rates.