Speed Your Route To Better Earnings on Your Food Truck

Are you a mobile food operator? Are you struggling to find the right track for achieving food truck business growth?

Wishing for better returns on your food cart business investment? Look no further.

Following are some easy tips to increase your food truck revenue:


Find a Unique Concept for Your Food Truck

[bctt tweet=”Food Truck success is entirely based on creativity, an essential facet of making more money as a food truck is endowing a concept that is memorable.” username=”foodics”]


So look out for an appealing, catchy concept like amazing seafood, or rocking rolls/wraps, or finger-licking kebabs, or low-fat vegan sandwiches.

Get the drift?

Once your concept is firmly entrenched in the mind of consumers, you are ensured of loyal patronage.


Give Freebies in the Initial Period 

In the early days, you face stiff competition from other food carts and restaurants. So you need to have an edge. Offer free goodies/add-ons with your product like soup with momos or salads with wraps.


Keep Abreast with the Latest Food Trends

As a food entrepreneur, one of the best food truck business tips you need to follow is to keep yourself updated with what’s currently hot in the restaurant business and the food scene.


[bctt tweet=”For example, vegan options are in great demand these days, as are organic products. Include these in your food truck menu and watch sales soar.” username=”foodics”]


Offer Discounts and Combination Meals at Slashed Rates

Isn’t making your food truck popular your goal?

To do so, offer discounts and combo offers, like buy two get one free, two rolls and one coke at a special price, dessert free with pasta, salad with two plate kebabs and the possibilities are endless.


Tie up with Local Businesses or Offices

An excellent advice for starting a food truck, which you should follow, is to contact local shops/business outlets and offices and offer to tie up with them for lunch or snack packs. This way they get your product at a discount, and you get a steady customer base.


Offer Home Delivery

This is a critical factor for customers in deciding where to order food from. If you offer delivery, your customer base will widen, and include those who are unable to come to your food cart and eat.

So you can cater to aged, ailing, and differently-abled people as well.


Optimize your Mobility to Create Better Visibility


Your food truck has the advantage of being able to move from one location to another if required. Use this to your best advantage. Park your truck at some happening places like colleges or malls or theaters, or even hospitals and stores. Create a buzz through exciting offers and combo-meals. Once your word-of-mouth publicity catches on, reap the benefits of business growth.


Get onto Mobile Food Delivery Apps

The in-thing today is food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, etc., that cater to a wide range of population across locations. You must secure your food business’ presence on any one or all of these. Also, good ratings on these apps will ensure repeat and loyal customers. Your business grows this way!


Promote your Food Truck on Social Media

Do you have a dedicated Facebook page for your food truck?

Are you on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest?

Maintaining a booming presence on social media is crucial for survival and growth in our networked times. Update your FB/ Instagram page with colourful pictures of your dishes, and patrons enjoying the same. Give all the details of the offers and discounts you are giving.  If you have a loyal following on social media, it usually translates to offline business as well.

Also, teenagers and young professionals like to be seen in well-publicized and “cool” eating joints, so make sure your food truck business fits into that image.


Make your Repeat Customers your Public Relations guys.

Customers can generate great ideas and suggestions regarding menu changes or additions. Satisfied customers can also become your publicity mascots, to spread great word-of-mouth buzz about your food truck products.


Do follow these tips to get a great advantage in your food truck business. Happy sales to you!