Eid is here and here are few tips to increase your sales and entertain your customers: 

1. Automate Your Discounts This Eid. 
The timed events feature will allow you to activate discounts for a certain period of time. For example: 50% OFF on your “Date Cake” that starts on Thursday 6:00 AM and ends on Sunday 11:59 PM. You can activate the timed events for Products or Categories one your Foodics account. 

Watch this How-to video to activate timed events at your restaurant. 

2. Send Discounted Coupons To Your Customers.
This type of a promotion feels exclusive and encourages your customers to visit your restaurant and redeem their coupons. Coupons can be limited to certain days, hours, and times being used. 
Coupons will allow you to measure the effectiveness of the channel you are utilizing to spread the word, whether you are pushing your coupons through your own channels or through social influencers, by tailoring the coupon discount code

Watch this video and learn how to start creating your coupons. 


3. Get Creative With Your Promotions.
You can drive traffic to best seller and most profitable items (Star Products) or push least seller Items that are profitable to your business. 
Promotions will allow you to customize a detailed promotion and set an expiry date For it. 

Example: Promotions such as Buy One Get One. To know how to do that, watch this video