The Food & Beverage industry is in the midst of turbulent times, and nowadays, restaurants are faced with many hills and roadblocks to overcome that are out of their control. That’s why, given the already difficult framework businesses must operate in, you should optimize the aspects that are within your control.

With Foodics POS, you can take control of the internal factors that affect the success of your business. Benefit from the multitude of features to streamline your operations and enhance your business. 

Hop on the Foodics train, enjoy the help of our technology solution and make the most out of these features:

Customer sales
With our Customer Display System, you’ll be able to engage your customers in the order taking process and make sure the order is exact and correct, and you’ll be able to get to know your customers better. The digital and cloud-based software will allow you to create a dynamic menu that can be consistently and swiftly adapted to reflect the taste and preferences of your customers. This increases the overall customer experience which will translate into your sales.

Speed of service
Our POS software offers an interweaving of features that overall streamlines the order process and increases the speed of service. Thanks to the cloud-based nature of our system, the waiter can take customer orders and have them automatically sync up with the kitchen display system. This is also supplemented by our table management system that adds to the speed of service by increasing the table turnover rate.  

The digitization of the entire restaurant management system allows you to easily gain a wealth of insights and information on the customers and their preferences which will be extremely beneficial and useful for your promotional strategy. You will also be able to build a loyalty program around the data collected throughout the various steps of the customer’s journey with you.

Gift cards
Through Foodics POS, you can easily sell e-gift cards to your customers, online or in-store. This will allow you to increase your customer base, retain customers and increase your liquidity with a simple click. 

Foodics POS offers you a marketplace of over 140 applications that will seamlessly build on your foundation and allow you to improve your overall business experience. Through an integration of a multitude of applications from accounting and human resources to delivery and food aggregators, you can enhance your operations and take your business to the next level.

Foodics POS will elevate your management and general operations. It will allow you to stay ahead of the game and ensure your success while weathering the storm.