Ramadan 2019 is here, which means a massive part of the world’s population that practices Islam will delve into a season of fasting, devotion, gratitude, sharing, unity and happiness. It is a beautiful season of giving, sharing and gifting, and families and friends unite for the call to their religion to share the joy of faith, among each other.

In this month, consumers show a definite paradigm shift in terms of spending pattern and consumption of edibles, entertainment and other related consumer goods. As a result, [bctt tweet=”alongside the cultural and social significance of Ramadan, it is also an important period for businesses to amplify their marketing efforts targeted towards this audience.” username=”foodics”]

It’s essential to get the marketing strategies right. We’ve put together five unique Ramadan marketing ideas, which are all directed at the emotions and sentiments felt during this festive season. These ideas are designed to strike the right chord with the target audience and improve brand perception while maximising sales and revenue.

Promote charitable donations

There is no better time than the period of giving and unity to promote your restaurant’s social responsibility and charitable initiatives. Push this aspect of your business to the front, which speaks volumes about your brand’s outlook towards the world. No matter what your trade is, [bctt tweet=”charitable work is one of the noblest and valuable Ramadan marketing ideas that you can adopt and share with your customers.” username=”foodics”]

Offer group, family or collective deals

Ramadan, as we all know, is a time for unity and families coming together. This is the period when more families make it a point to meet, possibly after a long span of time. Be it in the culinary space, or clothing and apparel retail, one of the best Ramadan marketing ideas for this time is to offer family deals and group offers, which will draw more customers to your business over others.

Introduce special midnight offers

During the month of Ramadan make the effort to open your doors during the night. This is especially great for restaurants as the pre-dawn morning meal is considered sacred. Promote this through your marketing campaign, and stay up with a community that believes this period to be holier than any other.

Celebrate the spirit of social unity

Get in the spirit of Ramadan’s social embracing. Even if this means taking a hit on your margins, one of the best Ramadan marketing ideas you can promote is complimentary deals. For instance, [bctt tweet=”‘buy one get one free’ deals fall directly in line with the idea of Ramadan. It’s all about promoting social responsibility, as every community will join together to care for each other, and share what they have.” username=”foodics”]

Display compassion as a pivotal value

Above all, the most important of the Ramadan marketing ideas is in displaying compassion through your advertisements. Have offers that emphasise on cheaper deals, donations, the homeless and underprivileged of society. This not only brings people together and grows your business, but also serves a noble social cause of giving the world more reasons to smile, for as long as possible.

All these ideas will help boost awareness of your restaurant and keep the sale chart at its peak! 

Happy marketing!