Cloud Kitchen System

Order food from a cloud kitchen and enjoy your meal.

A cloud kitchen is a restaurant with no physical space for customers, such as dine-in or takeaway facilities. It is a kitchen that does not need a reception or waiters. It relies on home delivery and can serve as a backup kitchen when needed.

By using our cloud-based POS system, you can take the orders using our Call center panel, make your kitchen swift and organized by sending orders directly to the kitchen via the Kitchen Display System, Keep track of the order status by using the Notifier app, never run out of ingredients with our inventory management system, and have access to real-time data from anywhere through the Foodics reports. With our third-party integrations, all of your orders from the top delivery aggregators will be connected directly to your kitchen.

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When there’s so much competition all around your restaurant, spoil your customers with the right choice by powering your business with Foodics and its smart apps. They will feel right at home with a customizable menu that gets every order right and they will never wonder how long they have to wait to get fed.

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