Coffee Shop

Whether it’s to go or not you’ll keep them smiling.

Running a Coffee Shop

Coffee is more than a drink people love—it is a reason for people to come together and connect. That's why a relaxed atmosphere and top management is your key to success, whether you're a franchising or a small coffee shop owner.

Manage it All

A POS tracks customer traffic to forecast staffing needs, and alerts on inventory so that you can focus on greeting customers.

Focus Cater

Use reports to analyse customer purchasing and create menu items that guarantee appeal and a selling factor.

No Coffee is Too Complicated

Not everyone is a straight up espresso lover. That’s why Foodics Coffee Shop POS will help you easily customize your menu so that adding soya milk or caramel, or even the longest coffee request will be just a few simple taps away.

Beans on Tap

Arabica and Robusta, fresh and aromatic, will keep your customers buzzing at any time of the day, as you won’t run out with your inventory management. The morning rush will be well equipped with enough sandwiches for every stomach because your stock intake will be automatically updated.

Know Your Customer

Using Big Data you’ll be able to be notified of every customers preferred morning pick me. Intelligence reports will create customer profiles so you’ll know exactly what they’ll be ordering every day and at any time, helping your business build a strong relationship with customers.

Deals on Offer

With a built-in customer digital loyalty program gone are the days of customers fishing out crumbled loyalty cards out their wallets. As soon as they make a purchase their profile will record their loyalty points.


Discover the right package for you

No more food waste, waiting times or order mistakes. Implement discounts, a loyalty scheme, and allow customers to customize orders easily.

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