Combos Overview

You can sell a specified set of products together for a different price than if they were sold separately using Combos.

A combo can have multiple groups and each group can have multiple options.

For example, if a Combo Burger Meal consists of different options from these categories: Sandwich + Fries + Drink, then you can add 3 groups to your combo, then add each group options as the products that are available to the customers in this combo.

How to Create a Combo in Foodics

Click on the Menu button on the sidebar then click on Combos > Create Combo > Enter the name and basic details of the Combo > Save.

Scroll to the Products card. This is where you need to add sizes to the Combo by clicking on the add size button and give it a name such as Regular Size

A Combo requires a set of Groups and Options for each group

The card – Combo Products – will have a table that shows sizes as columns, Groups as rows and Group Options as rows.

After saving the combo size, a new column will be added with the size name. After adding a size, a new row will be shown with text Add Group to add new product groups to your combo.

Add as many groups as needed for your combo.

Note: You can sell only one option from each group so make sure to design your Combo accordingly.

After saving, Under the newly added group, a new row will be shown to add options.

Choose Add Option and link this option to a product from your menu and assign a price for this option.

Note: The price of the combo is the sum of the prices of the selected options in the combo.

Repeat this step for as many options as needed for your combo, then make sure to activate your combo once it’s ready from the top of the page.

Lastly make sure to sync data in the Cashier for your newly created combo to appear.

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