Deliverect is a unified platform that connects Deliveroo, Talabat, Zomato, Jahez and many other online ordering platforms directly to your Foodics POS system. Menus are managed centrally, orders are sent straight to Foodics POS & from there to the kitchen, Deliverect also provides a consolidated dashboard for reporting.

With Deliverect integration you are able to:

  • Aggregate all your online orders from integrated partners in Deliverect & have them automatically sent to Foodics POS & from there to your prefered kitchen device (KOT/KDS).
  • Updates done to the menu in Foodics will be reflected in Deliverect’s which will be updated in real time for all connected online channels thus can be customized based on the online ordering platform per (location, time of day or day of the week).
  • Keep a handle on your growth with insightful, centralized, real time analytics. Sales reports/top products sold can be viewed in one dashboard.

Note: You need to register with Deliverect in order to be able to use this integration. If you are not already registered with them, visit Deliverect to get your account now.

For more details you can reach Deliverect at:

Branch Configuration in Foodics

For the integration to work properly, you must ensure that your branches in Foodics are configured correctly:

1- Ensure your branches have correct opening/closing timings

2- Ensure your branches have correct location information (latitude/longitude)

Enabling The Integration

1- Sign in to your Foodics account at

2- Navigate to Marketplace page –> Search for Deliverect under Online Ordering category –> Click Install

3- You will be directed to Deliverect enter you credentials in order to login. If you dont have an account visit Deliverect in order to get an account

4- After logging in click on the locations tab, then click on the button on the top bar that says Authorize Foodics

5- This should open a new screen on which you can enter a profile name of your choice (eg.Foodics) then click on Authorize

6- After that you will be redirected back to Foodics console

7- Foodics will ask for you permission to Authrize Deliverect, click Authorize Deliverect To Access My Account in order to proceed

8- Now Deliverect is connected to your foodics account

Note: For more details visit Deliverect detailed guide.

How to Receive Deliverect Orders in Foodics Cashier

Deliverect Orders will be received as explained in the Accept Online Orders Article.


Q1: Deliverect is sending orders to my restaurant but I’m not receiving them in Foodics cashier application

A: Please check the below points

1- Sign in to your Foodics account at, then go to Orders Page. This page will show you all API orders that are in Pending status

2- Is there any pending orders from Deliverect?

If Yes:

  • Make sure you have implemented all needed steps to receive online order as explained in the Accept Online Orders Article
  • In the cashier app, click HOME –> Sync Data
  • Orders should be received in the cashier.

If No:

  • There is an issue at Deliverect side in sending orders to your Foodics account. Please communicate with Deliverect and inform them that there are no orders created from Deliverect in your Foodics account.

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