Deliveroo is an online ordering and delivery platform that enable customers to make orders from restaurants through Deliveroo app on Android and iOS or through Deliveroo Website.

For more details, visit Deliveroo website at

This integration will enable your restaurant to receive orders from Deliveroo directly on your Foodics Cashier Application

Enabling The Integration

Note: Please be informed that Deliveroo doesn’t support tax exclusive prices, therefore, if you are using tax exclusive pricing in Foodics, you can’t use the integration. Kindly proceed only if your Foodics account use Tax inclusive pricing

1- Sign in to your Foodics account at

2- Navigate to Marketplace page –> Search for Deliveroo under Online Ordering category –> Click `Install

3- Foodics will ask for your permission

Click Authorize to proceed

Click Cancel if you want to cancel the process

4- After clicking Authorize, you will be taken to the integration settings page

Note: The above part will activate the integration from Foodics side, you will need to contact Deliveroo to configure the integration from their side

Configuring Deliveroo Integration

After successfully authorizing the integration, you will be taken to the integration settings page as shown below



The Auto-assign Order Tags settings will allow you to select Order Tags that you want to be auto assigned to all orders coming from Deliveroo

Click Edit in the top right corner of the box Auto-assign Order Tags and select from the list of existing orders tags

For information on how you can create tags, visit this page, scroll down to More -> Add/Edit Tags

How to Receive Deliveroo Orders

Deliveroo Orders will be received as explained in the Accept Online Orders Article

Deliveroo Location ID

When you activate the integration from Deliveroo side, they will ask you to provide them with your Foodics location ID

Location ID in Deliveroo represents one of your branches in Foodics

Your Foodics Location ID for each branch is as follow

(your Foodics branch ID)_***_(your Foodics account number)

Please follow below steps to obtain your Location ID

1- Your Foodics Branch ID

In your Foodics console, navigate to Manage –> Branches –> Click on the branch that will be integrated with Deliveroo

The Branch ID will be available in the URL as shown below



Copy it

2- Your Foodics Account Number

This is your unique Foodics account number that you use to Sign in to your Foodics console

Also, you can see it when clicking on the profile icon



3- Writing the Location ID

Now that you have your Foodics account number and branch ID, add them together as explained earlier

So the Location ID for the sample in this guide will be


Write your own and give it to Deliveroo as the Location ID

Remember if you have multiple branches in Foodics and you want to integrate them with Deliveroo, you will need to do the same for each branch and give Deliveroo a location ID for each of your Foodics branches

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