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Orders, Operations and Payments, All in
One Platform

Satisfy Your Customers With a Comprehensive Solution That Addresses All Your Needs

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Continuously Monitor all Your Restaurant Operations through Smart Reports!

  • Comprehensive View

    View reports on taxes, purchases, gift cards, employee shifts, purchase orders, and so much more from a single dashboard

  • Smart analytics

    Make data-driven decisions based on accurate analysis of menus, branches, and stock levels

  • Real-time reports

    Track earnings, control inventory, and adjust costs with the help of real-time reporting

  • Products performance

    Determine your top selling and most profitable products and define your product development plans

Be Wherever Your Customers Are!

  • Online Platform in Record Time

    Launch your digital branch and start receiving orders without 3rd party commissions

  • Fully Controlled, Branded Experience

    Customize your mobile app and website with the features and colors that reflect your brand with just a few clicks

  • Diverse Marketing Tools

    Highlight the most profitable items, launch loyalty programs, target different customer segments, and issue discount coupons

  • Streamlined Table Ordering

    Allow dine-in visitors with QR codes to order from their tables and get their orders automatically sent to you with the table number and source branch

Never Lose Customers to Long Wait Lines Again

  • Higher Efficiency

    Streamline your operations with error-free orders forwarded automatically to your kitchen and notifier screens

  • Enhanced Revenue

    Leverage the kiosk’s upselling capabilities to increase the ticket size

  • Modern Image

    Upgrade your brand image by offering faster services and adopting new tech innovations

  • Simpler Management

    Control and update your kiosk content easily, from a central location, and in real-time

The Ideal Path to Secure, Fast, & Error-Free Payment Operations

  • All Payment Methods

    Accept cash payments, credit and debit cards, and even digital wallets

  • Enhanced Operations

    Benefit from the full POS integration to offer a faster and error-free checkout experience

  • Better Cashflow Cycle

    Get an improved cash flow for your business, more financial resources, and much more time for your team!

  • Remote Access

    Keep your finances under your sight with full visibility over your transactions through a comprehensive data dashboard