Employee Timesheet Management System

Take charge of your workforce with shift monitoring, employee performance insights and assigning roles and permissions with a timesheet management system by Foodics.

Clocking Confidence

Save on time and the extra paperwork by importing employee details clocking in and out.

Automatically track times worked and make data-driven decisions on the number of staff you need each day.

Track how many hours are employees working and if their sales progress matches.

Productivity Assured

Analyze how well each staff member is selling by following their productivity in real-time and across various periods of time.

  • Performance

    Compare staff performance and assign the right employees for specific times and departments.

Permissions Locked

Allocate different permission levels to staff based on their tasks and positions. You will be able to control information changes and data access.

Using our employee timesheet management software, you can easily add, remove and edit permission levels and points.