A deep look at the region’s role in a global industry that’s expected to be worth $71.4 Billion by 2027

Special Report 2021

Primed For Growth

Cloud Kitchens in the GCC

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Online food ordering users in 2021


Online food delivery revenue in 2020


Global cloud kitchen market value in 2019

In this report, you will:

1. Discover

The different business models of cloud kitchens, along with the main regional players in the field.

2. Learn

About the role the GCC plays in growing the cloud kitchen landscape, with up-to-date statistics about each country.

3. Explore

How six prominent players in the GCC successfully dealt with the pandemic, and learn more about their plans for further growth considering the advancements in technology.

Stories Worth Telling

Watch Rania and Khaled, founders of one of the most successful virtual brands in the MENA region, talk about their journey in launching and managing several lucrative virtual brands leveraging the cloud kitchen business model.