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Foodics Certified Cashier

This certificate equips learners with all the necessary knowledge to install and use the Cashier app, the hero app of Foodics RMS (restaurant management system). In addition, you will learn how to activate other complementary devices/apps that are interlinked with the Cashier app.

This certificate is designed specifically for:

A business owner who would like to learn how our Foodics Cashier app works

A cashier staff member who deals with Foodics Cashier daily and would like to upgrade his or her level of understanding to navigate the app better

A waiter who uses Foodics Cashier occasionally to process orders and collect payments from dine-in clients

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Download and set up the Cashier app and other complementary functions

  • Utilize all the features of Foodics Cashier app efficiently and productively

  • Generate cashier reports and use them to analyze performance and discover operational gaps

  • Use and manage gift cards

Certificate Outline:

  • What is the cashier app?

  • Setting Up Devices: Cashier app, Customer display, kitchen display screen, Sub-Cashier, Epson printer, and payment terminal

  • How to use the cashier app?

  • Cashier app features

  • Cashier app reports

  • Gift Cards

  • Summary

Certificate Program Details:

  • 1 hour of self-paced, multimedia content

  • 7 lessons full of animations and on-the-spot quizzes

  • 1 month of full access

  • Access on mobile and desktop

  • Certificate of completion from Foodics upon passing the final exam