Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Subscription Payments.

How much is the total annual subscription fee per POS?
Foodics wants to give you the best price in the market while offering the best solution for your restaurant. Our solution is modular and tailored to your needs. Our packages start from $49 per month or 199 AED / SAR per month (paid annually).

How long do I need to wait for my subscriptions payment to go through?

We try to work as quickly as possible. We suggest a maximum of two weeks.

Do I need to pay for other annual subscription fees?

You will need to pay for subscriptions for any add-on apps such as the Waiter Digital Menu, Kitchen Display System, Customer Notifier, Customer Display, Employee Timesheet, Inventory Management, Call Center Management, Table Management and Smart Analytics and Reports.

What will happen if I didn't pay for the renewal on time? Would my activation immediately stop?
No, we will contact you to renew and send you automatic notifications before stopping your subscription.

What do the subscription fees include?
We will provide you with POS activation, with regular system updates, on-board training, and 24/7 support from our expert engineers and developers.

Can I pay for my subscription on a monthly basis?

We currently only offer annual subscriptions.

Do you send me a notification for the renewals?

The Foodics Customer Success Team and Accounting Department will contact you when your subscriptions are due for a renewal.

Do I need to pay the business setup fees for the second branch?
No, these fees are paid one time only.

Do you have special offers for a food truck business?

Yes, we do. Contact us to discover our Food Truck offer.

Do you have different payment terms for your customers?

Yes, based on the size of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions on Set Up and Support.

How much time does it take to set up a Foodics account?
If you have prepared your data in excel sheet, it would take a couple of hours.

Do I need to pay for the site visit support?

There is no need to pay if the issue was from our side, otherwise we ask for a contribution to cover our costs.

Do you provide support 24/7?

Yes, and we will be ready to help you on any support cases.

Do I need to pay for the second training?

We will charge a fee for face-to-face training. Online training is free of cost. 

What level of support do you provide?
We are able to troubleshoot 99% of the issues remotely, through chat and phone support. In extreme cases, we will support you through a site visit.
Can I import my data before cancelling my Foodics subscription?

Yes, you can import your data easily from Foodics.

Frequently Asked Questions on Apps and Features.

What kind of apps does Foodics offer?

POS Cashier, Waiter Digital Menu, Kitchen Display System, Customer Notifier, Customer Display, Employee Timesheet, Inventory Management, Call Center Management, Table Management and Smart Analytics and Reports.

Can I customize reports?

No, but we have included all of the needed reports based on the common business requirements and are always adding new reports.

To which level does Foodics support the HR cycle?

Foodics provides you with the Employee Shifts Report.

Where are your servers located?

On Amazon Web Services, which provides on-demand cloud computing platforms.

Does Foodics support multiple payment methods?

Yes, you can add the payment method based on your work cycle.

Does Foodics offer an accounting module?

No, but Foodics is a full RMS and helps you by providing sales revenue, total cost and gross profit.

Does Foodics have different selling types?

Yes, both weight & unit.

Is Foodics compatible with VAT?

Yes, it is officially authorised by the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) and the Federal Tax Authority.

What if the internet connection disconnects in the store, would the cycle stop?

No, Foodics is built to work both offline and online across all branches so you can keep taking payments and updated on data metrics.

What are the types of reports I can access through Foodics?

We have many reports on offer and are adding more all the time. Some of the reports include sales, inventory, customer and employee.

Can I see my sales from everywhere?

Yes, and you can track and monitor them in real-time too.

Who can access my data?

Your data is encrypted and no one can access it unless you grant them permission.

Does Foodics support Arabic?

Sure, Foodics is bilingual and allows users to interact in both Arabic and English. It’s what makes us different to all the other restaurant management systems in the market.

Do you provide the networking service?

We don’t, for now.

Does Foodics offer a purchasing module?

Yes, Foodics offers a purchasing cycle.

Does Foodics offer a customer loyalty program?

We are working on it and the feature will be coming soon. In the mean time we offer a coupons feature.

Can my storekeeper request inventory items from the main warehouse through Foodics?

Yes, they can send a request and receive it through a transaction transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hardware and System Integration.

What type of hardware do you provide?

Apple iPads. The Foodics apps and features are built on the iOS system.

Can I use my own hardware, or buy it anywhere else?

Yes, you have got the option to do this.

What type of printers are integrated with Foodics?

Epson modules for now.

Do we need to pay for integrations?

No, our APIs come free.

What kind of systems can Foodics integrate with?

Foodics can be integrated with any third-party systems if they are compatible with our API.

What kind of business does Foodics support?

From food truck to franchise, and everything in between, Foodics has the perfect solution for your food outlet.

Do you offer a hardware warranty?

We offer 3 months on Apple devices. The other 9 months will be the responsibility of the main distributor.

Can I use a barcode scanner?

Yes, you can connect your iPad with a Bluetooth scanner.

What if I need online ordering or other solutions, is it easy to integrate with Foodics?

Yes, Foodics has a flexible API, which makes it easier for any integrations.

Are you integrated with Hungerstation, Wassel or Jahiz?

Yes, we are integrated with Jahiz and will be soon integrating with the others.