Fine-Dine Restaurant

An exquisite experience and great expectations to hold on to forever.

Running a Fine-Dine Restaurant

No matter what your restaurant serves, creating a fine-dine atmosphere is all about the finer details, from the music and decor, to the stellar service and high quality food. Fine-dining will always be desired by restaurant goers so keep your restaurant a top choice.

Monitor Costs

Profits will be high but the day-to-day operation won't come cheap. It's important to have a fine dining POS system you can rely on.

Hire Top Staff

Mistakes are not an option. Keep staff in the loop with a POS that connects everyone and lets patrons feel special.

VIP Service

When the glitz and glam walk the red carpet they’ll be walking straight into your restaurant because you’ll know how to make them feel like a million dollars with the Foodics Fine-Dine POS. Each customer will feel the sense of real service as you’ll know their full profile, from their favourite dish and drink, to their preferred table and special requests.

Hey Big Spender

Kitchen and waiting staff will be working in sync, communicating through Foodics apps that work to bring each course at the perfect time to fulfill the unique dining experience. Any preferences are transferred discreetly and accurately so your guests can be wowed by the a la carte service.

Employee on Point

The reputation of your restaurant should exceed itself when you’re monitoring staff performance so well. You’ll create the perfect atmosphere as Foodics smart reports trains all staff to offer a 5-star service that will razzle and dazzle.

Discover the right package for you

Reach that Michelin Star by being on top of your stock, understanding customer feedback, keeping your staff working like clockwork and your dishes memorable for everyone.

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