Food Court Management System

Stand out amongst the rest using a food court management system that allows you to provide simple and fast services.

Running a Food Court Restaurant

Your restaurant is in the best place it could be, in a dedicated area for all diners. Look around you; competition is stiff and everyone wants a delicious bite to eat, with minimal waiting time so they can carry on shopping.

Ticking Clock

With so many options around, your staff needs to always be quick on the orders and deliver an accurate service.

Stay Serving

Malls get busy and that's great news for your restaurant. Keep inventory on top to offer customer favourites.

Every Step of the Way

Give customers a rare glimpse into their food by letting them follow the stages of preparation in the kitchen through an iPad. What’s more, customers will be notified as soon as their meal is ready for collection and they’ll be able to leave reviews on their experience.

Payrolling With It

It doesn’t have to be a chore to organize part-timers and everyone else in between on the employment sheet. Integrate the Foodics food court system with your favourite HR Software and arrange all staff salaries, shifts and holidays digitally and let everything be done with transparency - with a tap of a button from any location or iOS device.

Go Live Any Time

Every transaction, stock-take, and daily performance can be checked at any given time of the day and on previous days too. You’ll be able to make comparisons on progress and know how to boost sales at any location.

We're Never Out

Never have to tell a customer that you’re out of any dish, burger or topping again as you’ll be sent instant updates on your inventory. You can also set limits so you restock before you’re close to running out on any ingredient.

Discover the right package for you

When there’s so much competition all around your restaurant, spoil your customers with the right choice by powering your business with Foodics and its smart apps. They will feel right at home with a customizable menu that gets every order right and they will never wonder how long they have to wait to get fed.

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