Foodics Pay FAQ

1. What is Foodics Pay Program?

Foodics Pay program allows merchants to accept card payments without directly requiring bank engagement.

2. What Does the Payment Aggregation Program Cover?

Foodics Pay provides merchants the payment facility, account settlement and handles all financial enquiries including claim, chargeback, dispute and other maintenance, support and paper roll requests.

3. Why should I accept the card payment?

Accepting card payment is must and mandated by Ministry of Commerce and Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA).

4. Is there a penalty if I don’t have the payment facility?

Yes, Ministry of Commerce along with SAMA and Municipality will impose a penalty on merchants who don’t have a payment facility.

5. How do I register/apply?

Once you enroll with us as a merchant by contacting our sales team or online registration on this linkthe corresponding team will contact you to complete the documentation work to arrange solution delivery.

6. How long does the approval process take?

Instant approval and within 24 hrs The payment terminal will be installed if you are located in the main city, and 48 hrs if you are located outside the main city.

7. What are the card types payment terminal support?

MADA, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and GCC schemes.

8. What documents are required for onboarding?

Following are the documents needed for successful onboarding of the merchant:

  • Valid ID (Saudi Owner).
  • Commercial Registration.
  • Merchant Agreement sign by authorized signatory.
  • Your location and contact details.
  • BANK details including IBAN number (commercial account).

9. How can I access reports for my account?

We will create an account for you to access the Foodics Pay portal from which you can view the terminal transactions and settlement processed in your bank account.

10. I already have a payment terminal from my bank can I use the same terminal for your payment aggregation program?

No, you can’t use the same terminal.

11. Do you Charge on card transactions fee and how much?

Yes, the standard fee will be applied on different card schemes such as MADA, Visa, Master, AMEX, GCC, Union Pay cards.

MADA fee is 0.80%.

Visa and MasterCard fee is 2.0%.

12. What type of terminals do you provide?

We provide PAX D200 – MPOS terminal which supports contactless payment with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and color display. If any specific terminal is required we also do provide all available brands in the market.

Already have the D200 MPOS? Learn how to connect it to your Foodics Cashier.

13. Can a payment device integrate with the Cash register?

Yes, we are ready to connect the payment terminal to our cash register. This innovative solution will speed up your workflow using fail-safe advanced software to reduce errors and save time.

14. Is there a POS transaction report?

Yes, for better and more accurate POS transaction reporting, Foodics provides a wide range of detailed reports that can serve the business reconciliation scope.

15. How the settlement process works?

The settlement process is subject to your reconciliation (end of the day operation) and based on the reconciliation we process the payment in conjunction with the settlement agreement. (i.e. twice a week: Sunday and Wednesday for non ANB accounts, and daily for ANB accounts).

16. How will the money be transferred to my account?

The financial posting will be done through SARIE transaction and the cutoff time is 4:30 PM on the day of agreed settlement frequency.

17. I have forgotten the login credentials for my account. How do I retrieve them?

You can send an email to with your contact details. Our team will help you in retrieving your account details and resetting the password.

18. Do Atheer transactions appear on account statement for the merchant?


19. How does the claim process work?

You will raise a claim request via email to and attach the supportive documents to process your claim request.

20. What is the timeline for claim processing?

Your claim is subject to Approval or Decline based on the claim investigation and the payment of the claim will be done within 7 working days from the initiation of claim request.

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