How to Count your Inventory (Stocktaking)

From the Console > Inventory > Inventory Count:

  1. Click on the New Inventory Count button.
  2. Fill in the branch and items that you are going to count then Save.
  3. Edit Quantities for the items to match your physical Quantity on Hand and confirm.

Once Ready, you can submit the Count transaction by clicking on the Submit button.

Count Variance

After the submitting the Count transaction, you will see new columns in the transaction details to reflect the variances in your quantities.

  • Entered Quantity: The quantity submitted in the transaction.
  • Original Quantity: The theoretical quantity calculated by Foodics based on the previous transactions.
  • Variance Quantity: The difference between the Entered and original Quantities.
  • Variance Percent: The percentage of the variance quantity to the orginal quantitiy.
  • Variance Cost: The cost of the variance quantity.

Note: The new quantity in the system will be adjusted automatically after the Count transaction. So the new quantity for any item will be the Entered Quantity after the Count transaction.

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