How To Make Ahead Orders and Pay Partially

An ahead order is an order that the customer would like to receive at a later date than the time the order was made. It is useful for planned pickup requests and delivery orders.

Tip: Ahead Orders will be sent to the kitchen automatically if that is enabled in the Cashier Device Settings.

How to Make An Order Ahead

Once the order details and products have been added:

  1. Tap on More and choose Add Due Date.
  2. Add a date and time for the order to be made.

Continue to payment screen. You can pay orders partially or fully.

How to Pay for Orders Partially

To partially pay the order:

  1. Tap on TOTAL at the bottom of the order section, you will be directed to the payments page.
  2. Select the payment method.
  3. Then enter a custom amount by Tap on the Custom button below the suggested presets amounts.
  4. Tap on Pay, You will find the entered custom amount in the paid section of the order payment details.

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