How to Manage Customers Loyalty

Customers can earn rewards using Loyalty from Foodics. Loyalty must be enabled in the Business Settings and you can enable or disable Loyalty for each customer individually.

How to Manage Loyalty Settings

In the Console > manage > More > Settings:

  1. Open the Loyalty tab.
  2. Activate the Enable Loyalty option.
  3. Review the Loyalty settings to match your needs.
  4. Once done, Save changes.

What you need to know:

  • Minimum Order Price: Here you can set a minimum order price for the customer to receive points.
  • Earning Delay: You can set the time delay after which the customer will receive the points.
  • Reward Type: Rewards can be a fixed amount or percentage of the order value.
  • Reward Value: Set the value of reward.
  • Maximum Discount Amount: If you choose the reward type as a percentage discount you must set the Maximum Discount Amount that the customer is eligible to get.
  • Reward Required Points: The value of points/punches the customer must have to earn a discount reward.
  • Reward Validity: The period of time the awarded amount must be used before expiration (in days).

How to Enable Loyalty for Customers Individually

  1. Click on Customers button on the sidebar.
  2. Click on the customer you want.
  3. Click on Enable Loyalty.

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