How to Send and Receive Items using Transfer Transaction

You can send inventory items from one branch or warehouse to other branches and warehouses in your Foodics Console using Transfer Transactions.

How to Send Items

From the Console > Inventory > Transfers page:

  1. Click on the New Transfer button.
  2. Select your source and destination branches or warehouses, and choose the items you want to transfer then Save.

Review the items quantities or add more items, then once ready, click on Send Items.

How to Receive Items

Once the items are sent from the source branch or warehouse, you will see a transaction of Transfer Receiving type with a status Pending. When the items arrive at the destination branch or warehouse (on the same business day or anytime they arrive) you need to receive the items on Foodics:

  1. Click on the Receiving Transfer transaction.
  2. Review the items quantities and click Receive Items button and then confirm.

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