Importing Modifier Options using CSV

  1. Download the template CSV file from (this link) or from the console (Menu -> Modifiers -> Import/Export)
  2. Fill in your modifier options in the correct columns and rows using the below format.

CSV Template Details

Title Description Required? Sample Data
modifier reference A predefined modifier code that is used to differentiate from other modifiers. You should create a modifier first from Menu > Modifiers. Yes m-001
name This modifier option’s name. Yes Cheese
sku This modifier option’s SKU which is a unique identifier to differentiate from other options. Yes mo-001
price A numeric value to define the option’s selling price. It will be added to the product’s price. Yes 2
tax group reference Reference to the tax group which this product belongs to. You should create a tax group first from Manage > Taxes & Groups. No vat
cost A numeric value to define the option’s cost. Leave blank to calculate it from ingredients. No 5
calories The amount of calories in this modifier option. No 100
name localized The modifier option’s name in your localized language. No جبنه

Saving Import files as CSV / UFT-8 Format

In the program you’re using (e.g. Microsoft Excel) Choose Save As, then select Save as CSV UTF-8 (.csv) file format.

> Important: You must insure the Character Set Encoding is UTF-8.

Otherwise, some characters that are created with Microsoft Software may not display correctly, due to incorrect Character Set Encoding. For example you may see:

  • Café, Instead of Café

If you see these invalid Characters in your CSV file then save your file in UFT-8 Format, or Upload your Modifier Options then Edit Option Names in Foodics to replace the incorrect characters from the console.

Import your CSV file to The Console in (Menu > Modifiers).

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