Importing Products using CSV

  1. Download the template CSV file from (this link) or from the console (Menu -> Products -> Import/Export)
  2. Fill in your Products in the correct columns and rows using the below format.

CSV Template Details

Title Description Required? Sample Data
name the product’s name. Yes Chicken Sandwich
sku a unique identifier to differentiate from other products. Yes sk-001
category reference The category reference of this product, should create a category first from Menu > Categories before uploading. Yes Chicken
is sold by weight Enter “yes” if the product is sold by weight or “no” if sold by unit. Yes YES or NO
is active Whether this product is active or not. Yes YES or NO
tax group reference Reference to the tax group which this product belongs to. Should create a tax group first from Manage > Taxes & Groups. No vat
is stock product Whether this is a stock product or not. No YES or NO
price A numeric value to define the product’s selling price. Leave blank for open price products. No 20
cost A numeric value to define the product’s cost. Leave blank to calculate it from ingredients. No 4
barcode The product’s barcode number. No 231387734
description The product’s description No Contains bread.
preparation time The time (in minutes) it takes to prepare this product in the kitchen. No 5
calories The amount of calories in this product. No 1000
name localized The product’s name in your localized language. No ساندوتش دجاج
description localized The product’s description in your localized language No يحتوي على خبز

Saving Import files as CSV / UFT-8 Format

Save your file as a .csv file.

> Important: You must insure the Character Set Encoding is UTF-8.

Otherwise, some characters that are created with Microsoft Software may not display correctly, due to incorrect Character Set Encoding. For example you may see:

  • Café, Instead of Café

If you see these invalid Characters in your CSV file then save your file in UFT-8 Format, or Upload your Products and Edit Product Names in Foodics to replace the incorrect characters from the console.

Import your CSV file to in (Menu > Products)

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