Importing Suppliers using CSV

  1. Download the template CSV file from (this link) or from the console (Inventory -> Suppliers -> Import/Export)
  2. Fill in the suppliers in the correct columns and rows using the below format.

CSV Template Details

Title Description Required? Sample Data
name The supplier’s company name. Yes Vegetables Co.
code Unique code for the supplier. May only contain letters and number. No s001
contact name The supplier’s contact name. No Ali
email The supplier’s email address. No
phone The supplier’s phone number. No 920028928

Saving Import files as CSV / UFT-8 Format

In the program you’re using (e.g. Microsoft Excel) Choose Save As, then select Save as CSV UTF-8 (.csv) file format.

> Important: You must insure the Character Set Encoding is UTF-8.

Otherwise, some characters that are created with Microsoft Software may not display correctly, due to incorrect Character Set Encoding. For example you may see:

  • Café, Instead of Café

If you see these invalid Characters in your CSV file then save your file in UFT-8 Format, or Upload your Modifier Options then Edit Option Names in Foodics to replace the incorrect characters from the console.

Import your CSV file to The Console in (Inventory > Suppliers).

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