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Inventory Cost Analysis

Inventory cost analysis report gives insights regarding inventory items with respect to different metrics, such as ideal cost and cost variance.

How To Generate The Report

  1. Click on the “Reports” button on the sidebar of the console.
  2. Click on Analysis.
  3. Click on Inventory Cost Analysis.
  4. Select the date.

How To Get The Most Out of The Report

  • You can select the type of data showing on a report by using a filter and select the needed criteria such as Levels, Branches, Categories, and Items > apply.
  • From “Group By button”, you can select the branch.
  • You can export the report by clicking on the “Export” button.

For instance, to view details regarding the item “tomato” in branch “A”: filter by both branch “A” and item “tomato”.

How To Understand The Report

  • Ideal Cost: Cost of consumption – Cost of return.
  • Waste From Order: Cost of the wasted quantities from the cashier (return or void).
  • Quantity Adjustment: Cost of deducted quantities from quantity adjustment transaction.
  • Count Variance: Cost of inventory count variance.
  • Actual Cost: Ideal Cost + Waste + Quantity Adjustment + Variance Cost.
  • Ideal Percentage: Ideal Cost / Net Sales * 100
  • Actual Percentage: Actual Cost / Net Sales * 100
  • Variance Cost: Actual Cost – Ideal Cost
  • Variance Percentage: Actual % – Ideal % = Variance Cost / Net Sales * 100
  • Diversion: Variance Cost / Ideal Cost * 100

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