Manage User Roles

Add a New Role

  1. Click on Manage button on the sidebar.
  2. Click on Roles.
  3. Click on Create Role.
  4. Enter the name, and enter the Name Localized if needed then check ☑ beside the needed authorities.
  5. Click on Save.

There are two types of authorities

For the users working on the console:

  • Order Authorities.
  • Customer Authorities.
  • Inventory Authorities.
  • Menu Authorities.
  • Other Authorities.
  • Admin Authorities.
  • Reports Authorities.
  • Dashboard Authorities.

For the users working on applications:

  • Cashier App Authorities.

Assign Users to Roles

  1. Locate the Role you would like to assign users to.
  2. Click on “3 dots” and select Assign Users.
  3. Choose the users you want assigned to that role.
  4. Click on Apply.

Delete Roles

  1. Click on the role you would like to delete.
  2. On the bottom right corner of the popup window click Delete Role.
  3. Click on yes.

Note: Deleted Roles cant be restored.

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