Collecting & Analyzing Customer Data.


A cloud-based software that collect, analyze, and action insights about how visitors, and customers, behave. With automated marketing tools to action the data with targeted campaigns.


  • Understand customer behavior in real-time.

Capture customer data such as; first and last visit, foot traffic behavior, and dwell times throughout the days and weeks.This de-identified, unauthenticated data helps establish conversion and bounce rates, and average dwell times across individual and group stores, as well as specific departments. All of this can be exported with Purple’s API to other online and POS data for a robust profile of your customers and venues

  • Create a rich, accurate CRM of customer profiles.

Collect accurate information of people using your Wifi, and design engaging content based on their interests,dwell times, operational efficiencies and spend, to increase return visits and creating a superior experience for them.

  • Action insights with Campaigns in real-time.

Design beautiful email, SMS and eShot campaigns with Purple’s in-built campaign builder. Report on and use real-time diner demographic, social and behavioral insights to gain visibility on digital voucher campaigns, new menu items, and the impact they have on different customer segments.


Contact your customer success specialist to enquire about Purple, or email us on  success.reg@foodics.com