Iisal helps your customers get the receipts using the SMS technology!





A revolutionary, fully-featured solution that handles all your invoice processes digitally and provide you with the means to take your marketing tactics into whole new levels.

Superior technology that allows you to engage with your customers on a deeper level with every purchase they make.

IISAL's marketing platform helps you:

  • - Engage with your customer.
  • - Boost and simplify your sales.
  • - Increase ROI.
  • - Connect with customers through receipts.

The power of understanding context with a frictionless user experience.

      • IISAL was built with anticipatory design in mind, it delivers what your users want before they even want it with its ability to capture and analyze user data then transform it into the best possible experience for them. It also allows you to create loyalty programs, data-driven marketing channels, and increase the overall customer engagement and satisfaction.




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