Cloud Communications Platform


  • Cloud communications platform that empowers businesses to engage with people through a portfolio of business applications and a single API for SMS, voice, and messaging apps.

  • Why Unifonic?

  • Seamless Platform Integration
    Get your communications channels up and running in no time. Launch your first campaign within minutes of subscribing to our platform

  • Empowering B2B Cloud Communications
    Send your messages to your customers using their preferred channel at the right time. Keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand.

  • Ready-made business applications
    Execute marketing campaigns, apply number masking, define the communication flow you need and many more applications are waiting for you to try with your customers.

  • Empowering businesses to spread joy
    Join our clients in spreading joy to their customers through their campaigns.



Contact your customer success specialist to enquire about Purple, or email us on  success.reg@foodics.com