Mukafaat Marketing Solution (MMS) is the leading loyalty program provider operating in the KSA market

MMS has an in-depth knowledge of the local loyalty rewards systems

MMS currently operates several diverse loyalty reward solutions and maintains valuable insight into the behavior of both retailers and consumers

Mukafaat integration with Foodics will allow:

  • Your customers to earn Mukafaat loyalty points when buying from your store
  • Your customers to redeem their rewards in Foodics cashier

Mukafaat will provide you with an information rich dashboard where you can see and monitor your business performance and customers engagement

For more details on Mukafaat, visit Mukafaat Website

Enabling The Integration

To enable this integration, you must have an account in Mukafaat

If you don’t have an account, contact Mukafaat team to create an account for you

Once your Mukafaat account is ready, follow the below steps to enable the integration

1- Sign in to your Foodics account at

2- Sign in to your Mukafaat account at

3- Click on the button labelled Addons

4- Click on the button labelled Foodics Loyalty App

5- Click Authorize button

6- Foodics will ask for your permission

Click Authorize to proceed

Click Cancel if you want to cancel the process

7- After clicking Authorize, you will be taken back to Mukafaat. Look for the Authentication Status, if it says System Authorized ..., means you have successfully connected your Foodics account with your Mukafaat account

8- Click on the button Get Business Details, you should see your Foodics account number and name fields get filled

9- In each of your Foodics cashiers, Click HOME –> Sync Data

Then, the integration will be ready to be used in Foodics

Using The Integration

The integration works in three ways,

  • Giving points to your customers
  • Allowing your customers to use their points to redeem their rewards
  • Deducting points from customer when the customer returns an order

Customer Points Earning

Points earning for customers is automated by the integration

Points earning happens when a customer makes an order at your restaurant.

You must add the customer to the order so that Mukafaat can identify the customer and add points

When making an order in cashier, follow below steps to add customer to the order

  1. Create new order
  2. Click ADD CUSTOMER on the top of the left view
  3. Select the customer if pre registered, or click the + icon to create new customer
  4. Proceed with the order
  5. Once the order is closed and paid, the customer will receive his points

Customer Points Redeeming

The customer visits one of your branches and informs the cashier that he/she has Mukafaat reward and would like to redeem it

The cashier user will do the following

1- Create new order

2- Ask for customer information (name or mobile)

3- Click ADD CUSTOMER on the top of the left view and add the customer to the order

4- Click MORE on the top right –> Redeem Reward

5- If you have more than one loyalty integration, the cashier will ask you to select the integration. Select Mukafaat Loyalty. If you have only one loyalty integration, the cashier will directly ask you to enter the reward code

6- Ask the customer to give you the reward code

Note: The reward code is the customer’s Mobile Number or Membership Card Number

7- Enter the reward code and click Apply

8- If the reward is valid, the cashier app will show the reward details to the cashier user. If the reward is invalid, the cashier app will show error message

9- Assuming the reward is valid, the cashier user will confirm with the customer

10- Click Redeem to apply the reward

Now the reward is applied and the customer can enjoy his reward

Customer Points Deduction

Points deduction for customers is automated by the integration

Points deduction happens when a customer returns an order

To return an order, follow below steps in the cashier app:

  1. Click ORDERS
  2. Go to ALL, look for the order you want to return
  3. Click on the order
  4. Click MORE –> Return Order
  5. Select the products to be returned with their quantities
  6. Click Done

Points will be automatically deducted from the customer

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