Operations Best Practices

With Foodics you can assign tags to your entities in order to track them as groups in reporting, filtering, transactions, etc..

For example if you have a group of branches in the Eastern Region and other branches in the Western Region and you want to compare the sales of these regions, you can tag each branch with its region and generate a sales report by branch tags.

For your POS devices, you can create order tags and assign each device a default order type from the device settings.

This will help you track sales from each device, as you can get a Sales Report by Order Tags.

For other examples on how to use Tags:

  • An example for a Customer Tag could be Aramco and Frequent.
  • An example for a Branch Tag could be Eastern Province and Take Away Only.
  • An example for an Order Tag could be Main POS.
  • An example for a User Tag could be Call Center Agents and Supervisors.
  • An example for a Device Tag could be Delivery only and Sub Cashiers

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