Payment Methods Overview

Payment methods are used when paying for orders in the Cashier or other order taking channels.

There are 4 types of Payment Methods: 1. Cash: Any Cash transaction should be registered in this payment method. 2. Card: Debit or Credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, etc.. 3. House Account: Used for Credit payments for eligible customers. 4. Gift Card: Customers can use their previously bought gift cards to buy items using this payment method.

How to Add a New Payment Method

In the Console > Manage > More > Payment Methods:

  1. Click on Add Payment Methods and then fill the required fields.
  2. Save.


  • You can enable the option to auto open the cash drawer when this payment method is used.
  • You can edit or delete an existing Payment Method by clicking on the payment method’s card and editing its details.
  • You can also mark a payment method as Active or Not Active to show or hide it in the Cashier and other order taking channels.

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