Slice away your worries and add some Foodics toppings.

Running a Pizzeria

The world's love of pizza has now made the pizzeria business worth $128 billion globally. That's why a unique tomato sauce recipe is only a slice of what will help your pizza pie stand out.

Perfetto Operations

Not just marketing - You need great service and order accuracy, while keeping your inventory and team in check.

Deliver Uniqueness

Competition is high so you need to stay on top. Stay updated with data on your restaurant and the pizzeria market.

Mozzarella Every Time

Foodics knows pizza lives on toppings so its software will keep track of every mozzarella ball in stock and all your other inventories. Spend more time entertaining your guests with your dough spinning skills, while your POS system updates and alerts staff when you're running short and need to order more ingredients.

Every Pizza is Unique

Everyone has their favourite pizza and takes pride in creating a cheese-pulling masterpiece. Foodics can help you build a customizable menu so it’s easy for customers to add any toppings they desire, including half pizza creations to share. You’ll be in on it too when you’ll have the freedom to revamp your ingredients and the look of your menu whenever you need.


Bella Reports

Keep the Italian culture alive and stay close to your customers when Foodics reports record every customer’s order so you’ll know what they might want the next time they pop in. You can even find out your busiest and downtime days so you can put together offers to bring in more customers.   

Deliver it Hot

Have your customers coming back for more as you’ll be tracking each delivery order, giving accurate delivery times by monitoring drivers and their routes. By the time the pizza is at the customer’s door, they’ll wonder if the oven wasn’t built into the driver’s seat.

Mamma Mia Mode

There’s no reason to worry about slow internet connections or even a connection at all as the Foodics Pizzeria POS runs offline and still does everything it needs to do in the background.


Discover the right package for you

Your customers are not the only ones who can customize, as the Foodics Pizzeria POS will help you design the pizzeria of your dreams.

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