Secure POS technology that works offline and offers you complete control of your cash flow, management of tills with permission access, activity monitoring, and integrations to meet your needs.

Business as Usual

No need to panic when your internet network slows down or stops.

Foodics POS powers through and works offline, letting you continue punching in transactions and serving customers.

All sales data is automatically synced to the Cloud once your internet is back.

Dish Out Tills

Follow how well each employee is selling by assigning tills to individual staff members. Virtually oversee staff productivity for every day, and compare performance over different periods of time. You can also give specified access to each employee or groups of staff and set up login access for extra security. 

  • Extra Specific

    You can also give specified access to each employee or group of staff and set up login access for extra security.

  • Protected Data

    Having data stored in the Cloud helps you access it from any location and protects vital information on your restaurant from being hacked.

  • Space Saver

    You’ll be saving on plenty of space by eliminating bulky physical servers and wires taking up valuable restaurant floor space.

Make it Your Own

With open API capabilities, you can integrate third-party apps to meet your growing business needs.

As long as it’s an iOS app it will smoothly be paired so you can add unlimited integrations for online ordering, deliveries and loyalty programs to guarantee ROI.

Keep Customers

Build loyalty with customers by offering them coupons and build discount campaigns for specified products, times of day, seasons and holidays.

Customer Display System

Add a Customer Display System to your setup and keep it transparent with customers. You’ll increase order accuracy by engaging customers throughout their purchases, and if needed they can make changes to their orders.

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