The mobile app delivers a unique shopping experience for new customers that you want to transform into loyal customers.

Reward Your Customers With aPunch

App Details

Digital loyalty program for your business. Solidifying customer loyalty depends upon providing new customers with a unique shopping experience. The aPunch platform, cloud-based and mobile-ready, gives you a whole new way to launch a digital loyalty program for your business.

Our platform works best with retailers, coffee shops, and restaurants. Each of these businesses relies on strengthening relationships with new and repeated customers. The challenge is keeping those returning customers happy. We designed our platform for ease of use, so you will not have to learn new skills to get started. The platform is ready for you as soon as you sign-up.

App Features

  • Customers download and install our mobile application, available on Android and iOS devices, to collect electronic stamps when they visit your business and make a purchase.
  • When customers have collected enough stamps via our application, the aPunch platform provides them with surprise exclusive offers, discounts on their next purchases, or special gifts.
  • You have the power to decide which rewards go to the best, most loyal customers.
  • The result is that new customers will begin to anticipate special perks, and that is why they will return to your business and speak well of your brand.

App Screens​

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