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Reduce costs by using digital receipts, and easily notify your customers to pick up their orders when completed.

Bills, Loyalties & Offers All In One Place!

App Details

Greenbill allows you to reduce costs and save time by using the digital receipts service. It also allows you to keep track of your branches’ performance and receive reports of them.

Greenbill helps you understand your customers better in order to meet their requirements and expectations. Notify your customers to pick up the orders – No need to buy wireless beepers anymore!

Greenbill provides an unlimited call service that works for everyone. While letting both you and your customers contribute to saving the environment.

App Features

  • Smooth experience:
    All you need is to tell us about the card / bank cards you use in the Green Bell app and you will be ready to use the services. You will automatically receive electronic invoices for purchases made with your payment card or cash, at many stores registered with Green Bell.
  • Electronic invoices and safeguards:
    No more paper bills filling your wallet or being lost, as all your bills will be in one place. You can also specify warranty bills and you will get notifications before they expire.
  • Track your expenses:
    Track your expenses automatically and get in-depth statistics and monthly financial reports to help you stick to the budget.
  • Loyalty and Rewards:
    Collect points to get your rewards in one place without having to carry different loyalty cards.
  • Safety:
    We are committed to keeping your information secure through multiple security measures such as secure encryption.
  • The savior of the environment:
    Paper bills cut billions of trees and consume billions of gallons of water each year. It’s time to become a savior and beat paper bills with Green Bell to help the environment.

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