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Mukafaat Online Ordering
Mukafaat Online Ordering

Mukafaat Online Ordering

White Labelled Online Ordering app that has customer’s account information, branches, promotions, rewards catalog, menu categories, products and more for a better customer experience and business awareness.

Get More From Your Customers!

App Details

Mukafaat’s Online Ordering App is fully integrated with the Foodics platform and will help the business to expand with a digital sales channel, which in turn will increase sales and revenue for the business.

The app is not only limited to the ordering functionalities which will guide the customer through the journey to place an order but it will also have further functionalities to reward the customers based on their engagement and loyalty towards the business.

Mukafaat Online Ordering is a native app which can be customized based on the business’ requirements to ensure a unique platform for the business identity in the market.

App Features

  • White labelled app on IOS and Android based on brand’s guidelines.
  • Unlimited number of products, combos and modifiers
  • Multiple Order Types – Dine In / Branch Pickup / Delivery
  • Integrate-able with various Payment Gateways – PayFort / PayTabs / Moyasser / Checkout
  • Promotions based on Foodics Configurations and Rewards Catalog

App Screens​

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