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Delivery management system with route optimisation allowing you and your customers to track drivers and orders.

نظام إدارة طلبات التّوصيل مع ميزة اختيار الطّرقات ومتابعة الطّلبات والسّائقين.

Complete Solution For Food Delivery Businesses

App Details

With our app, you get instant information about every order. Navigate orders, notify your customers, get an overview of all orders delivered, and much more. This means better performance, faster delivery, and fewer mistakes.

One-click to start your favorite navigation software from our app.

Predefined notification and one-click calling customers reduce mistakes and save valuable time.

The app was tailor-made for restaurants and delivery guys with a focus on ease of use.

App Features

  • Track your drivers in real-time.
  • Choose the most efficient route for your drivers.
  • Allow your customers to track your drivers as well.
  • Manage all orders from different sources in one platform.
  • Close the shift at the end of the day by using a few filters within 2-3 minutes.

App Screens​

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